Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if I need more space, higher item amounts, or SKU’s than are provided for in the plans?

A. No worries! You can customize any one of our plans. We are here to find what makes your life easier.

Q. What happens if I ship more items to RocketShipped than are covered in my plan?

A. We will charge you for any handling that is incurred for items that go over the limits of your plan. Each plan has an al-a-carte handling fee for cases just like this. The price will differ, depending on your plan.

Q. When can I upgrade my plan?

A. You can upgrade your account with RocketShipped at any time. The upgrade will go into effect immediately, and you will be billed. Any downgrades in your plan will be scheduled to go into effect at the start of your next billing cycle.

Q. What are the accepted payment methods?

A. There are many ways to pay at RocketShipped: You can use PayPal, transfer money directly from a bank account, or by credit card.

Q. What do I do if I need support?

A. Our email and phone support is always free. If you’d like to upgrade your support plan, simply contact us for more details.

Q. What packaging options do you provide?

A. Our basic packaging is always free. There are customized options available, however. Contact us to learn more.

Q. I already have an existing inventory and cart system. Can I used RocketShipped as well?

A. We designed RocketShipped to work with over 50 online shopping carts – and we work to build new integrations every month so that you can continue with business as usual.

Q. Who is behind RocketShipped?

A. The team behind RocketShipped has years of experience that we put to work for you. Learn more about us, and our promise to you.

Our guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

We understand that outsourcing your fulfillment is a difficult and important choice. How do you know you are choosing a company who will represent your business well? How do you know you are choosing a company that will handle your products as carefully as you? How do you know you are choosing a company that will prioritize and rush orders if necessary? Basically – you need to know that your fulfillment company will work as smart and as hard as you. Thankfully, we understand this, and strive to rise above your expectations to provide the best service.

When you work with RocketShipped, you’re partnering with professionals who have years of experience they are dedicating to the success of your business. You’ll experience the benefits of this reflected in the service we provide. These benefits include customizable pricing plans to fit your budget, that can be adjusted at any point, no long-term contracts, absolutely no hidden fees, and access to our global network of warehouses.

RocketShipped guarantees

We stand behind our guarantees at RocketShipped. We work hard to make doing business with us risk-free:

  • We’ll ship your order the same day
  • We’ll ship each order 100% accurately
  • We’ll ship your order for the lowest possible cost
Satisfaction: Or your money back

We back our guarantees: if you’re not satisfied with our services, you can cancel at any point and get your money back.

Excellent customer service

RocketShipped’s service is backed by an experienced customer service team, who is available to answer your questions, and understands how our software works. We expect our customer service to be at 100%. We’re not saying we’ll never make a mistake, we’re just promising that we’ll make it right if you aren’t 100% satisfied with our service.

Free trial with no strings attached

We understand the importance of testing something before you buy it. That’s why we offer a free trial of our platform, and will ship 6 free orders for you. You need to know what working with us will be like, and we support this. We know you’re going to love our platform.

Same day shipping

In today’s fast-paced world, getting orders to customers quickly is essential. Offering fast shipping to your customers is impossible if your fulfillment company doesn’t back you. That’s why we offer a same day shipping guarantee. If your orders are sent to us in time, we’ll ship them out on the same day. Period.

Next day shipping

Be able to review an order before it is shipped out is also important: For orders that need to wait, we guarantee they’ll be shipped out the next business day.

100% shipping accuracy

We guarantee we’ll ship your orders with 100% accuracy. We’re not saying we won’t make a mistake, but we promise that if we do mess up, we’ll reship it on our dime.

Current information

Our API integrates with your current systems, so your order management, shipping data, and inventory is always current and accessible.

Modern technology

Our logistics software is cloud-based, and clustered at geographically distance data centers. And, our API is configured and access on a different domain. Simply put, we do everything within our power with technology to ensure that our application is always available to you, no matter where you’re located.

The best security

You can be confident in the security of both our warehouses and our platform. 256-bit encryption is used on data transfers, and we also offer heightened security measures if you so desire.

Our mission to improve

We never want to remain stagnant. We’re always looking to improve. Each and every one of our services came into being as a result of a customer’s suggestion. If we don’t have a service you need, chances are we’re working on it. Please let us know what would help you run your business more efficiently. We have a team dedicated to constantly improving our software, and looking for new services to offer.

Payments and billing
No extra fees

All of our services are pay-as-you go. This goes for storage, standard shipping rates, and order handling. You won’t get any extra fees for stocking or receiving.

No minimums – no contracts

You don’t have to meet a minimum spending requirement when you work with us. Additionally, there are no contracts or rules that will lock you in. You pay based simply on your usage – you never sign a contract. You have complete control over how long you decided to work with us here at RocketShipped, and how much you spend.

Pay your way

RocketShipped accepts a wide variety of payment, including credit card, PayPal, or direct transfers from your U.S. bank account. Shipping is paid for prior to when you accrue the costs. Prepaying allows you to build up a balance, from which your shipping costs are deducted. As long as there is a balance, we’ll keep receiving and shipping new merchandise. When your balance is running low, we’ll email you a reminder.

Fair pricing

We understand the fulfillment industry, and our pricing reflects this understanding. Our simple, automatic, and transparent pricing doesn’t need to be revisited often. And, increased order volume is rewarded with lower shipping rates. Learn more about our pricing here.

Paying for shipping fees

RocketShipped pays all your shipping fees as the happen. Then, we’ll debit your account from your account balance, within the following 24 hours. Your minimum balance must be maintained, so that a small percentage of shipping fees for your inventory can be covered. Each day, your minimum balance is recalculated, based on your inventory from the previous day.

Can I use my own shipping accounts?

In order to ensure the best service,  and to bundle our pricing, we must ship everything with our own shipping accounts (including freight and parcel shipping).

How much are receiving fees?

We don’t charge for receiving. Many people wonder why we don’t charge, as it costs us. The answer is simple: The receiving costs are built in to our per-item shipping fees. We do this to limit confusing fee schedules, and make everything much simpler. If you do send items in bulk, get rid of old inventory, cancel service and ship product back to your own warehouses, or ship a high quantity of items, there are a few thing you should expect, however:

  • Security Deposit: For accounts with a high quantity of items, we may require a security deposit. When product is sent to us in Lots, they will be broken down as needed, but it will significantly reduce how many items are in your account.

If you have questions about receiving, don’t hesitate to contact us. We work hard to help you understand the best way to set up your inventory in order to get the best price.

How do I cancel my service with RocketShipped?

You can cancel your account with us at any time. You won’t be penalized, and there won’t be any fees. In fact, we won’t even delete your account. You can access it at any point, and continue service at any point. We don’t charge startup or cancellation fees. There are a few things you should know about your account and fees, however:

  • In order for fees to stop, all inventory must be depleted.
  • When you ship inventory back to yourself, it is handled as it would be if it was shipping to a customer. Submit an order, and select one of our shipping services. Your account balance must be sufficient to pay for the items you are shipping back to yourself.
  • The number of items is determined at the time of receiving. Boxes can be broken up to ship individually, but they cannot be rebuilt to ship in bulk. Contact us to learn more about bulk shipping and receiving.
Getting rid of old inventory

If you wish to get rid of old inventory, and have it removed form your inventory storage count, contact us and we’ll walk you through the process. Here are a few things you should know:

  • When you get rid of old inventory, it is handled the same as shipping. But, there are no shipping fees. You’ll need an account balance sufficient to cover the amount of items being disposed of.
  •  Boxes can be broken down at the time of receiving, but not rebuilt for individual shipping or disposal.
How long can my inventory sit there?

RocketShipped is a shipping and fulfillment company. Therefore, if your inventory is slow-moving, we reserve the right to apply long-term storage fees or may require that inventory that is slow-moving be shipped at your cost, or disposed of.

When do my costs start accruing?

Costs will start accruing to your account the day your first inventory is received at our warehouses. You will enter billing information, and your subscription will start automatically. When you begin with our free trial, costs will start accruing the day your first live order is entered, as shipping fees will need to be covered. If you haven’t shipped anything after 30 days of signing up for the free trial, your subscription will start automatically.

Non-US importing to the US

If you wish to ship merchandise into the United States, customs requires that the owner have a US Federal Tax ID number (also referred to as an Employer ID number), with a mailing address in the U.S. If you are a customer of RocketShipped, and are having us ship your merchandise, it must be free and clear of Customs duties.

Don’t have a Federal Tax ID?

If you don’t have a federal tax ID, there are two options:

  1. Incorporate your Business: You can incroporate your business in the United States in 2-3 business days, by visiting incorporate.com. Simply ask for an Employer Identification Number (EIN), and provide a US mailing address (if you don’t have one, get a mail forwarding address from them).
  2. Get a Personal Tax ID: You can get a US EIN number from IRS.gov. If you are unable to access the link, fill out Form SS-4. Simply go to IRS.gov and search for “form SS-4.”
    • Or, call 215-516-6999 to contact the international bureau of IRS registrations. In some cases, if you speak with an agent, you can get a number issued the same day.
    • Getting it issued via fax takes a few more days. Fax your completed Form SS-4, to the following number: 800-829-1040 (domestic faxes only), or 215-516-1040 (international faxes).
    • Submitting your form via mail with take 30 days or more.
    • You may be asked to obtain a final confirmation form from the forms office at the IRS. Call them, and ask them to issue a registration confirmation via fax (call at 215-516-2000. You will then be able to forward your confirmation number to your carrier.

It is important to understand that RocketShipped doesn’t provide our tax ID for importing. Your mail or forwarding mail address must be  your own, U.S. based address, and will be used on all Customs paperwork.