How it Works

RocketShipped helps you..

Store your product

Store your product

Store your product in our warehouses across the globe.

Enable your sales

Connect your sales

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your shopping platform to automate sales and shipping processes.

Fast shipping

Fast shipping

With warehouses across the globe, your customers will receive orders within a few days – even if they are located internationally.

Automate and optimize

Automate & optimize

Our platform automatically chooses the best route, carrier, and service, optimizing delivery for efficiency and speed.

Managed Operations

Managed operations

RocketShipped integrates with your current shopping cart: You control your order directly from your own dashboard.

Form partnerships

Form partnerships

By forming partnerships with other companies, you can sell your product to a bigger audience & outdistance competition.

Engage emerging channels


We focus on scaling your business as new channels emerge in the constantly changing retail landscape.

Customizable experience

Customized experience

Your customer’s experience is essential. We make you look good by providing  custom packaging, and going the extra mile for a better experience.

Store your product.

By utilizing our warehouses across the globe, you can expand your current shipping operations and reach customers everywhere! Our warehouses are state-of-the-art. We pride ourselves on moving your goods securely and safely.

Precise receiving

Our receiving is held to a very high standard to avoid mistakes. When we receive your goods, they are verified against those reported in your ASN (receiving order). We check the weight and dimensions electronically, and highlight variances in quality and quantity.

Enterprise quality systems

Each of our warehouses is equipped with enterprise-quality warehouse management systems. RocketShipped’s platform integrates perfectly, and allows for highly flexible configuration, allowing us to make changes quickly and without error for orders across the world.

High quality packaging

We understand that careful packing is of utmost importance to you as well as your customers. Our employees follow your packaging rules to make sure your goods arrive to their destinations in top condition, but also in pleasing and unique packaging.

Synchronized shipping

When an order is submitted, they are synchronized to ensure that the most efficient route and best price are matched. You and your customers will see faster shipping times and better prices. All this is automated, which means you don’t have to do a thing to see the benefit.

Unique handling options

If you have unique or special items or projects that require additional quality control, labeling, assembly, or kitting, our warehouse team can handle it. You can be confident in the quality of our special handling options, as if you were completing the project yourself.

Secure storage solutions

Our inventory is carefully managed to ensure that quality guidelines are met. Additionally, each warehouse is equipped with security to keep your products and goods safe and in the best shape. this includes security personal and security systems.

It’s easy getting your product to our warehouses

There are a few ways to add your product to RocketShipped:
Using a spreadsheet, or one at a time!

Send your product directly to our warehouses
We can pick your items up, or you can send it. We offer a wide variety of carrier options to make it as simple as possible!

Connect your sales

RocketShipped integrates seamlessly with your order capture systems and shopping carts. We automate the submission of your orders, offer updated shipping rates, and provide real-time inventory status.

See API's


Look at available API’s

See an example spreadsheet

See It

See a spreadsheet

View your account


See your online account

RocketShipped works with a wide
variety of marketplaces and shopping carts.

    Need some help connecting your services?

    Our support team is happy to help with any integration. Get in touch with us to get started.

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    Before you checkout

    Before you checkout

    • High quality checkout experience, providing real-time, variable shipping rates
    • Real-time inventory visibility for your customers
    • Accurate shipping-cost and inventory to improve sales
    • Inventory and shipping rates globally and locally
    After checkout

    Synchronized shipping

    • Automated customer notifications reduce support costs
    • Support portal allows users to manage returns, cancellations, and shipping on their own
    • Order history is real-time, giving you insight on how to lower costs

    Offer the best shipping

    We offer fast and flexible shipping. Our warehouses are able to process and ship orders in the same day. With their locations strategically placed across the globe, we’re able to reach most domestic and international customers within a few days of placing their order.
    With our global network of warehouses, you and your customers will save big on shipping.
    See Pricing

    Our warehouses and staff are equipped to ship a wide variety of products in a wide varieties of ways.

    Orders Processed Same Day

    If an order is sent to our warehouses before 5:30 in the morning, they are guaranteed to be shipped out the same day!

    Global Shipping

    Our warehouses are scattered through the largest trade zones, which means you’ll eliminate customs fees, and save money.

    Expedited Shipping

    Most domestic addresses can be reached within 2 days with ground shipping. And, we are also able to expedite shipping!

    Shipping Support

    We provide freight shipping support to handle the many complexities of managing longer-distance freight movements and customs clearances.

    Want to use your own carrier?

    You can use your own carrier, but still use RocketShipped’s warehouses.

    Learn more about third-party shipping options.

    Ship your way: We’re flexible

    We’re flexible – so it’s up to you. Basically, how do you want us to handle your goods?
    We pack it

    You send us loose items

    We do the packing – in your own packages

    Our basic packaging is included – at no extra cost

    You get one tracking number for each box

    You pack it

    You Pack

    You send us pre-sealed, pre-packaged items

    Leave your own branding

    We’ll attach a shipping label

    You get one tracking number for each item

    Automate and optimize your shipments

    Stop worrying about the best routes and warehouses to ship from: our technology automatically optimized everything, so you and your customers win.

    Verification of the Address
    Our system will verify addresses, and make any corrections, so that your orders are delivered to the right people at the right time.

    Verify the address

    Warehouse routing

    Warehouse Routing
    We route your orders intelligently: Calculating shipping cost, customs possibilities, and determining inventory availability.

    Backorder Management
    Orders will be tracked (once inventory is confirmed), and the best warehouse for shipping will be chosen.

    Backorder Management

    Carrier Pick

    Carrier Selection
    We’ll select the best carrier for cost, speed, and service level so that you can guarantee the best delivery.

    Careful Packaging
    We’ll choose from a wide variety of packing to ensure your deliveries arrive in the best condition at their destination.

    Customized packaging

    Reducing Cost

    Packing to Reduce Cost
    We work to reduce packaging costs by considering packaging configurations (e.g., if it is less expensive to ship two smaller packages vs. one).

    Rules-Based Automation
    RocketShipped’s system allows you to customize your automation configuration. You can review orders above a certain cost value, or determine what shipping services you prefer.

    Rules based automation

    Manage operations

    Control every aspect of the process, including the order, inventory, supply chain operations, and analytics in each of our warehouses

    1. Your dashboard

    1. Your dashboard

    See an overview of all account activity in your dashboard – inventory review, shipping orders, alerts, and more.

    5. Add to selling tools

    5. Add to selling tools

    Configure different selling tools, including shopping carts, sales platforms, and other integrations.

    9. Satisfied customers

    9. Satisfied customers

    Personalized emails, great customer service, and fast service will make for happy customers.

    2. Warehouse management

    2. Warehouse management

    Manage warehouse activity, including returns, receiving, special packaging, orders, and managing cart connections.

    6. Ship from our warehouse

    6. Ship from our warehouse

    Select or edit products to ship from our warehouses around the world, and get cost estimates.

    10. Shipping labels

    10. Shipping labels

    Shipping labels can be customized, looking like they come directly from your business.

    3. Manage products

    3. Manage products

    Upload or enter your product catalog manually using our four supported product types.

    7. Ship from Anywhere

    7. Ship from Anywhere

    Ship from anywhere by pre-configuring warehouse locations  in your dashboard.

    11. History of activity

    11. History of activity

    Generate detailed shipping, receiving, and account activity reports.

    4. Send to warehouse

    4. Send to warehouse

    Send merchandise to any one of our warehouses – we’ll track and delivery them to their final destination.

    8. Preferences

    8. Preferences

    You have complete control over shipping, routing, and warehousing, in your preferences.

    12. Inventory

    12. Inventory

    Manage your inventory in warehouses around the world, generate reports, set up alerts, and more.

    RocketShipped’s dashboard and analytics are so powerful, you’ll never worry about keeping track of shipments or managing customers again. Detailed reports allow you to expertly oversee shipping operations to increase efficiency.

    Manage Inventory

    Keep track of demand, and manage inventory in our warehouses around the world.

    Automatic address verification

    Invalid addresses are automatically corrected, saving you time.

    Account access for multiple users

    RocketShipped’s dashboard allows for multi-user access to assign a wide variety of responsibilities.

    Respond to increased sales

    During peak seasons or increasing sales, balance product where it needs to be for faster delivery.

    Manage international orders

    Manage international orders, even when they come in from multiple sales channels, and make rules to choose how they’re handled.

    Expand your partnerships
    Outdistance the competition by creating partnerships with other retailers, so you can offer your product to a wider audience.

    Customized packing list
    Retailer’s mark can be included on the packing list.

    Support for Electronic Data Interchange
    RocketShipped can support your EDI requirements through Value Added Networks or directly.

    Use the retailer shipping account
    You can ship orders automatically (with 3rd party billing) using the shipping address of the retailer, so they are able to manage deliveries.

    Support for multiple retailers
    The information (packing, shipping preferences, and connectivity) for each individual retailer can be specified.

    Do you have additional drop shipping needs?

    Contact us for more information about 3rd party carriers and custom packing lists.

    Our lot break and smart wholesale options will increase your sales while simultaneously reducing your costs.

    Automated lot breaks

    RocketShipped reduces the cost of handling by automatically breaking up shipments into individual items.

    Cross docking

    Cross docking allows you to simultaneously ship to your customers and retailers, as well as shipping out backorders when available.

    Consolidate and stage product

    RocketShipped holds your product in international warehouses for international orders – reducing costs.

    Options for freight shipping

    RocketShipped offers freight shipping options including full and less-than-full truck options.

    Kitting product reconfiguration

    Upon request, RocketShipped will reconfigure your products into packages, so you can sell kits to your customers.

    Manage purchase orders

    Manage individual retailer’s shipping, packing, and connectivity preferences.

    Enjoy scalability

    RocketShipped’s platform allows you to scale to support new and emerging sales channels that will boost your business.

    Flash Sales

    If you need to liquidate surplus inventory, and reach an influential audience, a flash sale is a great idea. At the end of the sale, RocketShipped will automatically process the orders, as well as print shipping labels.

    Platforms for crowdfunding

    Products have been global due to crowdfunding platforms. Some of these products have been fulfilled by RocketShipped. We will help you with your orders from a wide variety of platforms, including Indigogo, Kickstarter, and many more. Thousands of individual backers will fund your product, and once it is created, we will ship it around the globe in a timely fashion.

    Wide variety of platforms

    RocketShipped easily integrates with a wide variety of platforms, including eBay, or Amazon. Your product is exposed to a wider customer base on these platforms, and RocketShipped makes the integration easy.

    Enjoy scalability

    RocketShipped’s platform allows you to scale to support new and emerging sales channels that will boost your business.

    Shipping confirmation

    A customizable shipping confirmation email will automatically be sent out to your customer (and you), with detailed shipping information.

    Custom inserts

    Any marketing materials can be included in shipments, i.e. seasonal products, cd’s, announcements, stickers, etc.

    Tracking numbers

    As soon as our warehouse ships an order, a tracking number will be sent.

    Customize labels

    Customize the sender name and address on each of your orders.

    Real-time rates

    Shipping rates and options are provided in real-time at checkout, so that customers can make the right choice for them.

    Change orders

    Customers have the control, and can edit the details of their order, even canceling them if they haven’t been processed.

    Do you want to customize further?

    If you are interested in further customization, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do!

    Every order shipped with RocketShipped is guaranteed
    We make sure you and your customers receive only the best service.

    Your order will be shipped the same day
    If orders are received in time, they’ll leave our warehouses that same day.

    Your order will be shipped accurately
    If we don’t ship your order correctly, we’ll reship at no cost to you.

    You’ll get the lowest possible rate
    We automatically optimize the best time and cost so you get the lowest rate.

    Returns or damaged shipments? Don’t stress

    Returns and damaged shipments can be a nightmare, but not with our free return labels and services.